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Birki's Skipper 97583
    Birki's Skipper 97583
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      Birki's Skipper 97583

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    Colour:    Smooth Mocha
    Material:    Birko-flor, Cork

    Properties of the dynamic footbed:

    1. dynamic distribution of pressure for ideal balance and comfort while walking

    2. excellent resilience even in moist condition with “memory“ effect

    3. open-pored and therefore breathable as well as moisture absorbent


    Extraordinary comfort due to viscoelastic foam

    This footbed consists of a viscoelastic foam that is also used in the sports shoe industry as a system to stabilize the foot. “Visco“ stands for shock-absorbing or fluid properties and “elastic“ refers to the adaptability of the material.

    The dynamic footbed represents a combination of these two properties. This means that the viscoelastic foam gradually yields under stress (viscosity). However, it does not remain this way but returns to its original shape after the stress ends (elasticity). This way the foam ensures ideal pressure distribution and excellent shock-absorption with each step.

    The footbed gives feet consistent stability, independent of temperature conditions. At the same time it is open-pored and thus breathable and moisture absorbent.

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