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Exped Shrink Bag 20L
    Exped Shrink Bag 20L
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      Exped Shrink Bag 20L

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    The Exped Shrink Bag makes packing easy with its wide mouth and the purge valve allows bulky items to be compressed.

    Waterproof bags that truly save space and protect gear against water, dust, mildew and insects. So easy to use: stuff bulky gear; fold closure 4x; open lower valve; compress bag to squeeze out the air; close the valve; secure the closure. Combine with Pumptube to quickly inflate Exped Mats such as AirMat 7.5 and SynMat Basic models (those without integrated pump).

    Size Color cm / length x width Volume up to
    Weight in grams in / length x width Volume
    (cubic inch)
    20 liter yellow 35 x 40 x 25 22 175 14 x 16 x 10 1340 6.2 ounces
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