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SKU: 703060136015 Filson 002A Original Boot Oil Finish

Filson 002A Original Boot Oil Finish
Purchase Filson 002A Original Boot Oil Finish


Our Boot Oil Finish will keep your boots soft, supple
and very water-repellent

Filson's Boot Oil Finish is the same solution we use to tan our boot's
We suggest you oil your boots regularly. Repeated wetting and drying
robs oil-tanned leather of its natural lubrication.
How to Use Simply clean boots thoroughly and dry away from heat. Apply
Filson's original Boot Oil Finish liberally to all seams and stitching,
with a lighter coat to the rest of the boot. Let dry overnight. Wipe
off excess oil. Made in USA

It is typical for our Boot Oil Finish to darken the color of the leather.
Generally, the color lightens again with use. The small sample bottle
contains enough oil to completely re-finish a pair of Filson boots. The
large bottle has enough oil to re-finish a pair of boots several times.

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