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Arborwear Tech Tee LS 706576
    Arborwear Tech Tee LS 706576
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      Arborwear Tech Tee LS 706576

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    Let the real you come through. And by you, we mean sweat. This 15% cotton / 85% polyester blend feels like your favorite worn in t-shirt yet wicks moisture away like none you've worn before. Made with Dri-Release with the natural odor neutralizer, Fresh-Guard, even when the sweat comes through, the shirt will smell like it just came out of the wash. Because Fresh Guard is a bacteristat, it creates an environment in the fabric that bacteria will not thrive in and keeps bacteria growth from happening to begin with. In short, it doubles as a great undershirt when you run out of deodorant.
    85% Polyester / 15% Cotton Blend

    Moisture Wicking

    Dries 4x faster than cotton

    Fresh-Guard odor inhibitor
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