Haflinger Women's Piggy Slippers

Haflinger Women's Piggy Slippers

Haflinger Women's Piggy Slippers

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Haflinger has started to change the sole on the bottom of this shoe in both style and color.
We currently have mixed inventory so please give us a call if this is a concern for you.

Boiled Wool Soft Sole Slippers


1. Moisture-Absorbing, Insole Liner
A soft and breathable boiled-wool, insole liner wicks away any moisture from your foot all year round.


2. Breathable Boiled Wool Upper
Natural Boiled Wool is very lightweight, soft and cuddly, yet very sturdy. It molds to the foot like a second skin while letting the foot breathe freely. It is the breathability of boiled wool that will keep your feet at room temperature all the time, never giving you the hot, perspiring foot so common to synthetic slippers. Furthermore, wool is a natural insulator: it keeps your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter, guaranteeing year round comfort!


3. Latex-Molded Arch Support
It is so important to continue your foot support into the evening after a long day on your feet! Our natural, latex-molded arch supports create the most relaxing, wonderful sensation—it feels like a built-in foot massage, always pampering your feet and easing your mind!


4. Double-Felt, Non-Skid Outsole
Our sturdy, double-felt outsole adds cushioning to your step while providing traction with non-skid, non-marking dots. Constructed for indoor use, these slippers are perfect for around-the-house chores or just unwinding after a long day!

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