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Montrail Women's Molokini GL1133
    Montrail Women's Molokini GL1133
    Purchase Montrail Women's Molokini GL1133
    • Product Code: GL1133
      Montrail Women's Molokini GL1133

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    A Montrail classic, the original thermo-moldable flip flop offers incredible comfort and performance.


    • Weight: 6.3 oz / 179 g
    • Durometer Rating: 38 Asker C / Filler 35 Asker C (+/-3 degrees)
    • Imported

    Weight: 5.4 oz / 153 g

    Reinforced grid outsole pattern provides traction and surface protection

    Synthetic-backed strap and slender toe post for on-foot comfort

    PRFRM™ footbed is custom moldable for incredible support and comfort



    PRFRM™ Thermo-Moldable Foam

    The Science of Ahhhhhh!
    This revolutionary thermo-moldable foam can be molded into the exact shape of your foot. It's the ultimate in support and comfort. Simply follow the instructions on the shoe or insole packaging and enjoy! Be sure to read all warning labels and use caution.

    1. HEAT: Preheat a regular or convection oven to 225° F (107° C). Heat sandals for 3 minutes. An oven thermometer is recommended. (WARNING: Do not use a microwave oven or toaster.)

    2. MOLD: Remove the sandals from the oven and immediately place onto your feet. Stand with your full weight balanced for 2 minutes.

    3. ENJOY: Walk around while the sandals are still warm to complete the molding process. Sandals are now ready to use!

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