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SteriPen Journey LCD
    SteriPen Journey LCD
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      SteriPen Journey LCD

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    Using universal symbols, Journey’s LCD screen displays: water volume selected to purify (1/2 or 1 liter), battery status, a countdown timer to tell you when the process is complete (48-90 seconds), and lamp life usage and remaining UV lamp life

     At 8,000 doses, lamp life for the SteriPEN Journey will allow you to purify water for a long time to come. If you purified four liters of water each and every day, your SteriPEN Journey would last over five years!

    The SteriPEN Journey is light, weighing in at just 4.5 ounces (128 grams). And like all SteriPEN models, it’s fast. It takes just 48 seconds to purify 16 ounces (0.5 Liter).

    The SteriPEN Journey’s tapered end provides a snug fit with commercial water bottles, and with the SteriPEN FitsAll Filter, works with wide-mouth water bottles.

    SteriPEN Journey is sized between our SteriPEN Adventurer Opti and SteriPEN Classic, and ships with two non-rechargeable (disposable) CR123 batteries and a custom-fit neoprene pouch.

    Weight (grams) 128
    Batteries Two CR123 (included); Disposable -- 100 treatments (16oz./0.5L); Rechargeable -- 50-60 treatments (16oz./0.5L)
    Dimensions 7.3"|18. cm (L), 1.6"|4.1cm (W), and 1.3"|3.3cm (H)
    Battery Type CR123 or RCR123
    UV Lamp Life 8,000 Treatments
    Filter Compatibility Tapered End (PreFilter and FitsAll)
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