Bills Original Twills-M2 British Khaki


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Bills Original Twills-M2 British Khaki

Bills Original Twills-M2 British Khaki

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Regular Price:$145.00

Savings: 40%

Sale Price:$87.00
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Original Twills

Our highly constructed, American made, 100% combed Original Twills weigh a stout 8.5 ounces per square yard, providing cast iron durability and versatility year round. It retains a clean sharp crease for days when professionally laundered, or machine-washes to a casual look. Our Original Twills arrive professionally pre-washed to stabilize sizing.

For those who don't want or don't need a fuller cut. Model #2 features everything found in our Model #1, but an inch less through the rise, seat and leg. As far as workmanship, construction and look, we didn't change a thing. 22" knee, 18.5" bottom. Available in even waist sizes: 30" through 46"; odd waist sizes: 31" through 37". All inseams unfinished up to 39".

Made in U.S.A.
Machine Washable

When trying on your khakis for the first time, we recommend sizing them up loosely for the best fit.
Repeated washing and drying can result in shrinkage beyond 1% to 3%. Should that occur, simply hang your khakis dry. Length and fullness will come back. To limit wrinkles without ironing, simply flatten your khakis on a flat surface while damp and let dry. If you wear your khakis professionally starched, they will size up larger and longer than if cared for at home. We do not recommend letting out the waist due to marks left by the original seam.

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