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SKU: N402 El Naturalista Cork Oak Sandal N402 (disc)

El Naturalista Cork Oak Sandal N402 (disc)
Purchase El Naturalista Cork Oak Sandal N402 (disc)
  • El Naturalista Cork Oak Sandal N402 (disc)

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Cork Oak

The cork-oak might have been a nameless and easy growing tree in every corner of our land; it might have been, like many others, one among the many trees cut by the ax to become lumber, firewood, or charcoal. But the cork-oak is dressed with a thick bark that with its distinct characteristics makes it irreplaceable for the majority of its uses. This bark is cork, a renewable natural product with physical and chemical properties unmatched by any artificial material. Its chemical composition and anatomical structure make it a light and elastic material, waterproof to liquids and gases, with high capacity for thermal and acoustic insulation, and resistant to mechanical wear and degradation by acids, microorganisms, and even fire. While cork is just one more element in our daily life with wide spread use, its countless and unique qualities remain important. The El Naturalista Cork Oak N402 is our way of paying tribute to this humble tree that has made our lives simpler in the past and present, and also to all of those who with their hands gently separate the cork from the trunks of the cork-oaks trees. Set in vegetable tanned leather upper, this El Naturalista slide features multi-toned leather for a unique look. The first strap of this women's wedge is adjustable so you can acheive the perfect fit

  • Leather upper
  • Pull grain leather upper
  • Recycled polyurethane footbed
  • Recycled polyurethane footbed with anti-bacterial active carbon
  • Cork wedge
  • Recycled rubber outsole


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