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SKU: N923 El Naturalista Recyclus N923 (disc)

El Naturalista Recyclus N923 (disc)
Purchase El Naturalista Recyclus N923 (disc)
  • El Naturalista Recyclus N923 (disc)

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The Spanish casual footwear brand El Naturalista has just brought Recyclus on to the market, a new environmentally friendly unisex line. As its name suggests, this is made from materials that have been completely recycled and which respect the environment.

The special feature of Recyclus lies in the manufacture of the three basic elements of the shoe – sole, insole and upper – where natural materials are used: chrome-free leather (as demanded by European regulations), cork, natural colourings, glue recycled with ground powder, natural rubber, chrome-free split leather insoles, coconut, cotton laces and hand-stitched soles. Commitment to the environment is also carried over to the packaging, as the boxes are made from one hundred percent recycled cardboard and use water based dyes.

Recyclus has been developed in a purely handcrafted manner, so all the designs are modern, and, above all, comfortable. All of the production takes place in Spain, from where Recyclus is sent to over 45 countries worldwide. Given that the line was born out of a wholly environmental project, El Naturalista will provide special bins to deposit the shoes, once they are worn out, so that they can be treated and reused.

In addition, following the success enjoyed by El Naturalista with its Atauchi project, aimed at helping children in Peru, the footwear brand wanted to go a step further in its commitment to worthwhile causes and has created a department dedicated exclusively to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), designed to encompass all the company’s charitable work

  • Pull grain leather upper
  • Recycled polyurethane footbed
  • Recycled rubber outsole


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