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Toad&Co DeBug Ground Cover T3202800 S8
    Toad&Co DeBug Ground Cover T3202800 S8
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      Toad&Co DeBug Ground Cover T3202800 S8

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    We've all been there: It's a perfect spring day, you're surrounded by gorgeous trees and good company, about to dig into lunch when BUZZZZZZZZZZ. Insect invasion! Suffer no more, friends. Featuring special Insect Shield® Technology, our Debug Ground Cover repels bugs (but doesn't kill) and isn't harmful to humans or 4-legged friends. Use as a picnic blanket, beach towel or wrap yourself up around the campfire.

    UPF Rated excellent 40+

    Insect Shield® treatment for effective, odorless protection

    57" width x 70" length

    53% Organic Cotton 47% Polyester Mini R

    This lightweight eco–wise fabric weave has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Organic cotton provides a natural look and feel while innovative heat and light–reflecting polyester yarn blocks UV rays, wicks moisture and cools the body by 1–2° C. All of this performance is permanently engineered into the fabric. Very cool. This is a bluesign® approved fabric.

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