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About Us

About Farm-Way

Farm-Way is a family-owned-and-operated business by three generations
and some really great employees; many of whom are like family. Located in Bradford, Vermont and opened in 1983, Farm-Way includes 18 acres of land. Farm-Way, started not in a mall, but in a former feed mill on the Waits River Road. FarmWay has a huge inventory of basically everything from highly functional clothing and footwear, to hunting and camping gear. Our inventory which includes firearms, tents, backpacks, saddlery, furniture, gifts, cookware, jewelry, fencing and more makes us truly a one-stop shopping location, “Complete Outfitters for Man and Beast”

Our emphasis has always been on quality; and on good customer service. We carry top brands, including Carhartt, The North Face, Patagonia, Darn Tough, Smart Wool, Filson, Merrell, Keen, Chippewa, Red Wing, Dansko, Canada Goose, Ibex , CRP furniture, Le Creuset cookware and so much more.

Need snowshoes or a kayak ? A power recliner? A stock pot? A dog bed? A warm winter coat? We have all of that, and much, much, more. Special orders are never a problem as well.

Our staff consists of thirty six full-time, and five, part-time employees; some have just recently joined the Farm-Way family, and many have been here for years. We pride ourselves on using and enjoying the products we sell, whether it’s hiking, camping, cooking, gardening, horseback riding, hunting or just relaxing.
Farm-Way started in May of 1983, and it developed into a three-generation effort. In 1987, Paul and Bobbie Gallerani put up $20,000 and gave another $20,000 to daughter and son-in-law Skip and Carol Metayer that allowed them to borrow the money they needed to purchase the business for $25,000 plus $100,000 for the inventory from the Oakes brothers. At the time the store had $100,000 in inventory. One complication, the 1 acre of land Farm-Way was sitting on was owned by the railroad and the building Farm-Way was in was owned by Oakes Brothers. The deal was the building would be purchased along with the business as soon it was possible to work out a deal with the railroad. Three years later it became possible but never simple. Along with it the beginning of 30 years of environmental cleanup and monitoring. Petroleum and gas was first on the list and present on the very 1st acre. Later the acquisition and cleanup of 6 different adjoining properties including a cement block building almost an acre in size with 2 - 40' tanker cars found buried underneath it and 19,000 gallons of unusable tainted #6 oil, the demolition of an old abandoned fertilizer plant. Some things are worth doing to some people. For us it has been a labor of love for the town, environment and the company and people we have met along the way.

In 2009 Farm-Way installed a 58 KW Solar systems producing 43% of electrical needs - which what was at the time, the largest solar system in the state of Vermont. In 2015 another 73.44 KW array is being added to produce 100% of electricity for our current facility and current project of 19,000 sq. foot addition also to be completed in the fall of 2015

We want to be the place for people to find what they need, and when they need it.  We are business that gives back to the community and uses its resources to make Vermont better. In a state of less than one million, in a town of 2,500, we have found, thanks to the support of customers, friends and vendors who helped us along the way, that we can make a difference.

Greatest moments of this decade:
2009 Farm-Way installed at 58 KW Solar system
2013 Vermont Retail Association Retailer of the year
2014 tearing down the ugliest building in the town of Bradford (the one acre dilapidated cement building across the street from us) and getting rid of two 40’ tanker cars filled with 19,000 gallons of tainted # 6 oil that was buried in the ground
2015 going 100% solar and finishing the cleanup project behind the store which has taken years to accomplish
Give us a call at 800-222-9316 for questions or phone orders. You’ll find that we have a big-city selection with small-town personal service. Quality, integrity, independence: the Farm way!