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SKU: 780824116940 Cosmic Catnip Jar 3oz

Cosmic Catnip Jar 3oz
Purchase Cosmic Catnip Jar 3oz
  • SKU: 780824116940
    Code: 090119
    Cosmic Catnip Jar 3oz

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Cosmic Catnip Jar
Cosmic Catnip Has Been Grown To Achieve The Strongest, Most Aromatic Catnip Ever Produced
Cosmic Catnip Is A 100% Natural Herb That Stimulates A Harmless, Playful Reaction In Most Cats
When Pinched, The Aroma Stored In The Dried Leaves and Flowers Is Released, Driving Cats Wild
The best!
NC Hanger
Best loose catnip I've ever used - our cats go nuts with this.
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