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SKU: 273124 Lacrosse Men's Mesquite

Lacrosse Men's Mesquite
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  • Lacrosse Men's Mesquite

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No beans about it, these boots were made for cold, wet conditions. Featuring a convenient side-zipper that allows for easy-on, easy-off, our Mesquite is built for quick exits in snowy conditions. The full-grain leather upper and natural, hand-laid rubber bottom are waterproof and durable to last season after season.
4.6 lbs per pair
200G Thinsulate
Best for Snow
Removable Air Cushion Footbed
Steel Shank
Plain Toe

Comfort Zone: Cold -20 to 50F

Not what they used to be
Where do I start? I bought these to replace my previous pair of Mesquites that finally gave out after 20 yrs or more. In my opinion the Mesquite II doesn’t hold a candle compared to the originals. First, they lowered the height by an inch or more. Then the tanning of the leather is not nearly as shiny, which is no big deal. The worst part is that I think they changed the “last” or fit so the new models have practically zero arch support. I really don’t think you would want to wear these for more than short intervals. Finally, when I was first shopping locally for a pair, I was told by a retailer that since Lacrosse is making them in China, the vulcanizing of the rubber isn’t nearly as good and the new ones will probably not last anywhere near as long as the originals. I would return them but I know of no other manufacturer that makes a similar boot that’s zippered for easy on and off & high enough so than snow doesn’t come over the top. I like the concept because it works very well for wearing shoes that are cooler in the car for long winter driving trips but then easily slipping boots on when you get to the cabin for unloading the vehicle and getting about before things have been shoveled out. Also nice for plowing on the ATV or running out to the mailbox in the morning before you’ve had a chance to shovel out. Not meant for more serious outdoor day trips.
Rick Luck
Verified Buyer
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