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SKU: 730767440770 Klutz Shrinky Dinks Book

Klutz Shrinky Dinks Book
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  • Klutz Shrinky Dinks Book

    SKU: 730767440770

    Code: 9781570544088

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Shrinky Dinks is amazing shrinkable plastic. Draw or trace a design on it, color it, cut it out with ordinary scissors, bake it for mere minutes on a cookie sheet in your oven and, presto, your creation shrinks to a third of its original size. What you do with it from there ? jewelry, magnets, frame, decoration is up to your own creative genius. You get six sheets of Shrinky Dinks plastic in this book, along with a mind-boggling collection of ready-to-trace, ready-to-color, ready-to-shrink artwork. 

Comes with: 38 page book with more than 30 pages of traceable art, 6 sheets of shrink plastic

Ages 6-8
Grades  1-4

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