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    How does the Peet Shoe Dryer work?

    The Peet Shoe Dryer dries using silent thermal convection. This simply
    means that it pulls room temperature in through the rear vents on the
    dryer. Then the 18 watt heating element inside of each tube will warm
    the air and rise up to circulate through your footwear to dry easily

    How easy is the Peet Shoe Dryer to use?

    You'll be happy to know that the Peet Shoe Dryer requires no work on
    your part. Simply plug it in, place the shoes on the foot pieces and
    silently, safely, and using less energy than a 40 watt light bulb. Use
    the Peet Shoe Dryer every day and you'll never fight shoe odor again.

    When do I use the Peet Shoe Dryer?

    Everyday! The Peet Shoe Dryer plugs into any outlet, in fact, we recommend
    leaving your Peet Shoe Dryer plugged in just like your alarm clock. It's
    ultra energy efficient, a convenient, tidy place to store your footwear
    and completely safe for kids and Adults alike.

    Will the Peet Shoe Dryer dry any type of footwear?

    Yes, it will. The Peet Shoe
    Dryer is safe for any materials from leather, vinyl, plastic, neoprene,
    GORE-TEX and canvas.

    Will the Peet Shoe Dryer keep the smell away?

    You've tried the inserts, powders and sprays with no success. The Peet
    Shoe Dryer is not a coverup like many other products. The Peet Shoe Dryer
    eliminates the sweat, wetness and bacteria that cause shoe odors. With
    daily use, scary, smelly shoes are gone for good.

    Will the Peet Shoe Dryer remove odors from shoes and boots that currently
    have bad odors?

    Yes, we recommend customers to do the following: In order to remove
    existing odors from shoes or boots you need to fill them with warm soapy
    water. Then use a gentle cloth and clean the inside and outside of them.
    Then dump the water out and place on the Peet Shoe Dryer. The footwear
    will be dryer by the next morning (8-10 hours). If you use the dryer
    daily after the odor will not come back. We recommend this cleaning method
    of soaking of footwear every few weeks for best results.

    Is the Peet Shoe Dryer noisy?

    It is important to know that the Peet Shoe Dryer won't make any noise,
    nor will it blow air or get hot as it works to remove sour smells from
    your shoes. In fact, you won't notice that it's on! Be assured that once
    plugged in, the Peet Shoe Dryers powerful, silent action is sending warm
    air circulating through your footwear, removing odors and protecting
    your footwear investment.

    Can you dry taller footwear
    like knee boots, hip boots & chest waders?

    Yes, with the proper accessories you can dry any type of footwear no
    matter how tall. (See wader model dryer)

    Does any college or pro sports teams use the Peet Shoe Dryer?

    Yes, many NFL teams and college football programs have dryers throughout
    their locker rooms. They have them to help eliminate shoe odor and athletes

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