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Yaktrax Walker Pro

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    Safely This Winter
    ·Exercise Outside in the Snow and Ice
    ·Commute To Work Safely
    ·Easy To Use
    ·Removable Performance Strap

    ·Natural Rubber Blend
    The Yaktrax Pro is brand new on the market. Made of a natural
    rubber blend, the Pro is great for the more active winter enthusiast. The
    Pro is ideal for the person needing increased durability while working,
    running or enjoying outdoor activities during the winter months.

    The Yaktrax Pro is equipped with a removable performance strap that
    was designed for stability. The Pro still has the same simple design
    and effectiveness as the Walker with the unique 360 degrees of traction
    with every step you take. When you walk or run with the Yaktrax Pro,
    every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact
    with the ice beneath your feet.

    You will move about naturally with the Pro. There's nothing new to
    learn, just walk as you normally would and experience stability on ice
    and snow like you never felt before.

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