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Yaktrax Walker

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    ·Walk Naturally
    ·Easy On/Off
    ·Abrasion Resistant Steel Coils
    ·Ten Times The Gripping Points As Any Spike
    Based Traction Device
    The Yaktrax Walker is designed for people who are looking for an easy-to-use,
    lightweight traction device for their shoes. The Walker is the original
    version of Yaktrax and is ideal for pedestrians, the elderly, business
    people or anyone who want greater stability on ice and snow. Use the Yaktrax
    Walker while walking to and from work, school or just to the mailbox.

    The Walker is made out of an injection molded thermal plastic elastomer
    designed for easy on and off. The coils are protected against rusting
    and hand-wound to give you 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow. When
    you walk in the Yaktrax Walker, every step you take places hundreds of
    biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet. Yaktrax
    can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees farenheit.

    The patented design of the Walker makes it a unique solution to walking
    on packed snow and ice. The outerband conforms to the length and width
    of your boot or shoe. The high strength horizontal coils provide forward
    and backward stability. The vertical coil pattern provide side-to-side

    Recently tested by hundreds of winter enthusiasts, the
    Walker has been approved and recommended by the National Health & Wellness
    Club and the Handyman Club of America.

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