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Baggallini Modern Pocket Crossbody
Baggallini Expandable Modern Pocket Crossbody
Baggallini Expandable Modern Pocket Large Hobo
Baggallini All Day Backpack w/ RFID Wristlet
Baggallini 2-in-1 Convertible Belt Bag
Baggallini Modern Everywhere Hobo Bag
Baggallini Modern Everywhere Slim Crossbody
Baggallini Modern Everywhere Mini Bag
Baggallini Modern Everywhere Laptop Backpack
Baggallini Carryall Case
Baggallini Subway Small Crossbody
Baggallini Zip Around Wallet
Baggallini Five Block Crossbody Bag
Baggallini Original RFID Everyday Crossbody Bag
Baggallini Metro Backpack with RFID Phone Wristlet
Baggallini Anti Theft Free Time Crossbody Bag
Baggallini Anti Theft Activity Crossbody Bag
Baggallini Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody
Baggallini On Track Zip Crossbody w/ RFID Phone Wristlet
Baggallini Uptown Bagg with RFID Phone Wristlet
Baggalllini Go Bagg With RIFD Phone Wristlet
Baggallini Cross Over Crossbody with RFID
Baggallini Pocket Crossbody POC879
Baggallini Journey Crossbody
Baggallini RIFD Bryant Pouch
Baggallini Criss-Cross Bagg
Baggallini Triple Zipper Bag
Baggallini Big Zipper Bag
Baggallini Everyday Bag