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Baffin Boots

Baffin Boots
You don't become an expert in manufacturing extreme condition footwear overnight. Baffin's capabilities have evolved over decades. They began with their expertise in manufacturing rubber boots over 25 years ago. Baffin moulds the base and the sole together in a continuous process using specialized technologies that involve high temperatures, high pressures, multi-shot moulds and advanced thermo-set polymers. The outcome is that the foot is cradled in a protective waterproof shell.

But while traditional molded boots are suitable for some conditions they are not ideal for cold temperatures. In the early 90s we realized that if we combined our leading molding technology with a foam based inner boot system, we could create a new hybrid style of high performance footwear. More warmth, better fit, superior comfort. Those were the early stages. Since then we have developed new materials and combined them in new innovative combinations. A good example is our unrivalled 8-layer combination of materials that we use in our boots that are rated for -100C(-148F).

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