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Kahtoola NANOspikes™
Kahtoola NANOspikes™ $49.95
Kahtoola Microspikes® Traction System
Kahtoola Microspikes® Traction System $69.95
The origins of Kahtoola & the KTS Inspired by the pioneering spirit of his grandparents Bill and Vieve Gore (cofounders of W.L. Gore & Associates) Danny recognized an untapped need in the marketplace for lightweight, flexible crampons. After finishing his B.S. in Physics at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, he explored design concepts in a makeshift garage workshop. By summer 1998, he returned to his hometown, Flagstaff, Arizona, with his wife Melissa and began focusing more on product development. Eventually, after dozens of design iterations and a few patentable inventions, Danny founded Kahtoola and launched the KTS aluminum at the January 2001 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show.