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Royal Robbins

What is Royal Robbins?

Actually, he’s an internationally acclaimed climber and kayaker who, with his wife and partner Liz, founded an outdoor clothing company over 25 years ago.

Liz joined Royal on many climbs, including the first ascent by a woman of the Northwest face of Half Dome. “The story of the Billy Goat short and pant began at the top of Half Dome back in July 1967. It was then that we climbed the great Northwest face. This was the first time a woman had climbed Half Dome and in celebration, we posed for a snapshot at the top. When we saw this photo of us in the worn t-shirts and cut-off jeans, we said to each other, “Maybe we had better get into the outdoor clothing business!” So Liz set out to design a unique new hiking short that was built to last and the Billy Goat was born. She has followed that success with such styles as the functional 5.11 Pant (named after the rating system grade for the most difficult climb at that time) and the richly detailed Bluewater Short.

From there, the line has grown to a full collection of Outdoor + Travel Clothing. Today, the Royal Robbins product is an attitude stemming from our outdoor roots designed into our clothing and expressed in our images and advertising. This point of view says that healthy, natural individuals who feel good about themselves wear Royal Robbins Outdoor + Travel Clothing.

As expressed in our unique clothing, this attitude underlies our selection and use of fabrics, our durable construction, our hallmark of free movement and comfort, and our styling which is classic, yet crisp, and fresh. The line is characterized by its uniquefabrications, natural feel and comfort, rich detailing, and attention to current styles. Our prices are in the moderate to upper moderate range reflecting the richness of fabrication and detail, but are kept affordable to avoid too "pricey" an image.