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Kamik Quick Facts

  • Kamik is an Inuit word meaning "foot covering"
  • Kamik is owned by Genfoot, a Canadian manufacturer of footwear since 1898
  • Kamik is truly a family-run company. William Cook acquired the Contrecoeur plant in 1932, and today, William's grandchildren run the company as a team. Richard is president, while Stephen runs domestic and international sales, Catherine oversees marketing, and Norman manages operations and warehousing. Their father, Gordon, continues to stay involved with the business.
  • We have three manufacturing facilities: in Montreal, Quebec; Hamburg, Ontario; and Littleton, New Hampshire
  • Two of the plants are in historic facilities, starting production in 1898
  • Genfoot launched the Kamik brand in 1975
  • GenfootŪ Precision Molding, the foundation for our production, is a state-of-the-art injection molding process. Genfoot is one of the world's largest footwear producers using injection molding